Tribera converts to four-day working week

Taking the plunge to truly achieve the ‘tribe vibe’, Tribera becomes one of the first Midlands agencies to welcome the change.

Award-winning marketing agency, Tribera, has converted to a four-day working week, following a successful trial during the month of March.  

The Birmingham-based agency is now leading the way for other marketing agencies across the UK – from both a business and employee perspective. With a boost in productivity, enhanced wellbeing, and heightened morale within its team, without sacrificing client deliverables and profit, the agency is proud to announce its new four-day week schedule. Taking a ‘tribe’ centred approach, Tribera’s directors consulted all employees during the trial, checking in on how they felt towards the concept and taking in feedback to streamline its approach. 

Following the trial’s success, tribe members will now work Monday to Thursday, with no change in pay or benefits. This positive change will allow them to achieve their ideal work life balance, whilst still accomplishing and delivering on the incredible results that the agency is known for.  

Tribera has always taken a hybrid working approach, with the hybrid structure of working from home two days per week, and from the office for the remainder. With its forward-thinking mindset, Tribera is now demonstrating to other digital marketing agencies who are interested in the concept of a four-day working week that it is a plausible concept, and can lead to encouraging results, as well as increased productivity if executed well.  


Fran Nolan, Managing Director at Tribera, comments: 

“Ever since we founded Tribera over three years ago, we have always had a flexible hours policy in place, so our team could work when it suits them best. I want our team to go to the gym during the day, to be able to pick their children up from school, and to take a break when they need it. In theory, anyone could have condensed their hours and taken a Friday off, but sometimes you need to encourage your team more overtly towards a healthy work/life balance. Having the freedom of a Friday without logging on is another step in the right direction for the culture we have created here at Tribera.  

”Our trial has proven the success a four-day working week can bring, and with a few tweaks here and there, we are happy to announce that it will become a permanent change for our team. We are committed to achieving incredible results for our clients, and we will still be accomplishing those – and more – within our newly structured week.  

“Within the content marketing industry, we are aware nothing is ever as simple as it seems, so we of course have contingencies when important client work happens to fall on a Friday. Our working days are flexible, so hours can be shifted around to suit the needs of both our clients and employees given advanced notice.” 

Having shared the news to its clients last week, Tribera has reported that the announcement was well received, with accounts still receiving the same number of hours as they were during the previous five-day week. Tribera’s commitment to its clients has reportedly drawn the Tribe closer together than ever before, encouraging total trust within the team and commitment to achieving outstanding work. 

What’s more, the team at Tribera has truly been spoilt, with a new office triple the size of its previous counterpart in the centre of Birmingham – set to include a meeting suite, a TikTok studio, and multiple dynamic workspaces. Alongside this, Tribera has kickstarted a new personal development system, allowing each of its team a total of two weeks per year to complete any relevant training they wish to undertake to help them, and the agency, improve and progress. Plus, with three exciting new hires during the trial period, Tribera is ready to embrace the four-day work week with open arms – eager to continue achieving explosive results for its clients. 


Amber Ducane, Content Executive at Tribera, comments:  

“The four-day week has been amazing for both my professional and personal life. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my productivity, resulting in some remarkable results for our PR clients. What’s more, within the content team, we have seen coverage results double during the four-day week trial period! Plus, with our new office setting, I’m excited to take full advantage of the space and maximise its offerings to achieve new heights!

“My work-life balance has improved tenfold since the trial; it has allowed me to use Fridays to focus on things that matter to me, including my mental wellbeing”. 

Following the trial, Tribera will continue to monitor and modify its four-day week initiative to ensure it is the most streamlined and effective plan possible. According to Tribera, its team are its number one priority, and creating a positive culture and work-life balance in the current post-pandemic time is of upmost importance.   

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